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My current focus is on writing and producing strong scripts with eternal spiritual impact. I don't consider it a career, but a tributary of the call of God on my life that I answered many years ago. I'm praying for likeminded teams to help me take my work to the screen with a commitment to excellence. I hope to appeal to the Christian base while piquing the curiosity of a broader audience. Most of my stories are overtly faith-based, but I opt for a more subtle approach when I feel it will be more effective to attract skeptical viewers to spiritual content. 


I believe it’s imperative for a screenwriter to find their own voice and recognizable brand. My passion is to present stories about ordinary people in difficult circumstances who need extraordinary answers. When everyday, relatable characters overcome obstacles through faith and grace, I want the audience to think, "Wow, that could be me.” I pray hearts will be softened to God's voice by the demonstration of hope that can be applied to their own lives.   


Christian films are notoriously known for shoestring budgets and lackluster talent. Even the best we produce is panned by critics, with our faith content offhandedly disqualified. A few Christian filmmakers have found success, releasing funds to upgrade their quality and distribution. The rest of us keep working at it. We agonize over balancing purity and relevance, praying to rise above the inferior stigma nailed to Christian films while fully knowing we are not of this world. Yet, with the best of intentions, we often fall short. While it goes unsaid that we should always strive to do better, unfortunately, some of our biggest detractors are fellow believers. As darkness and light become inevitably more polarized, I hope we will find agreement that no film with a truly Biblical, life-giving message should be disdained. How can we discount the souls it may feed or purposes beyond our understanding? Those isolated in hard and hidden places are grateful for precious spiritual crumbs while we sit as arrogant food critics. I applaud every light-bearer, however imperfect their journey. I hope no one despises mine, as I'm still wading through my own learning process. Let us be vigilant to keep our own lamps full and pour out all we can, while we still can. 


I've dabbled in writing most of my life, but my husband John was the first to fiercely believe I had a serious writing gift. He pushed me through my doubts with unconditional love and steered me to direction and purpose. It came late in life - as did he - but I believe it was by divine design. That fought-for "wisdom of years" painfully steeped a depth in me. I pull from the long and rugged walk with the Lord that I began at fifteen. I've known wonderful love, along with betrayal, abuse, and broken relationships. I've faced devastating sorrow, loss, illness, and defeat, but I've also been blessed with glorious miracles. Knowing both the bitter and the sweet helps me to empathize with my characters and make them realistic. Virtually all of my scripts are woven with true threads from my own life and others I've known. My testimony is the lifeblood of my writing. I write in surrendered faith without presumption of measure or results. I steward it without ambition. I do it for the pleasure of my Father and the joy of His presence. If my words become films that successfully declare God alone is our salvation, victor, healer, peace, and refuge, then I will know... it is only because He has opened the doors.     

And, of all God has done in my life, I will never have any greater joy or calling than raising my five beautiful children. Nothing compares.  

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