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Promo Short Films


A MANGER MIRACLE: Proof of Concept 

In dramatic scenes from the 100-page feature screenplay, a small-town pastor has a surprising response after discovering that his foster son and two friends are the infamous culprits of Christmas vacation mischief.

Starring Theo Bray and Michael Anthony.

4:57 - Available for producer viewing.

DREAMS OF PETALUMA: Screenplay Trailer

Overview of the 115-page, feature screenplay about a young woman's

life-changing visit to her family's vineyard. 

Includes voiceover dialogue and a captioned video synopsis, set to the song, 

"Home to Petaluma", by Jeanne Dukes.

3:33 - Available for producer viewing.

Dreams of Petaluma Screenplay Trailer Po
THIS Introduction Poster Wide as the Wes


Talented comedic actor Aaron Fullan

presents an entertaining summary

of the 116-page screenplay. 

Includes a sneak peek of the soon-to-be announced lead actor, singing his original country-western song written for the film.

3:00 - Available for producer viewing.

DANCING IN PLACE : Announcement 

A quick introductory teaser for the 112-page,

faith-based drama/romance screenplay. 

Beyond just another love story,

the characters face unique challenges

such as disabilities, family abuse, and interracial relationships.  

00:40 - Available for producer viewing. 

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