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Feature Screenplays

Wide as the Western Sky

Wide as the Western Sky purple

An aspiring country-western singer

vows to honor his faith in his career,

then faces years of opposition that threaten to destroy his dreams.

*actors attached with letters of intent.

Dreams of Petaluma

Dreams of Petaluma enhanced.JPG

A young, driven executive visits her family's vineyard, where her lifelong cynicism clashes with those who

have never given up on her.

*actors attached with letters of intent.

Dear Avery

Dear_Avery_FilmFWY_Poster_editied (2).jp

A hospital's first woman chaplain finds an unexpected letter that impacts everyone around her and sets her life on a new course.

*actors attached with letters of intent.

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Good Again

Good Again _ Poster.jpeg

When a high school star quarterback and his father both face big failures in their lives, they make a secret pact to fight for improbable comebacks.

Love at First Christmas


A single woman disheartened over a broken relationship enacts a 
no-dating policy over the holidays, then falls in love at first sight.

A Manger Miracle

A Manger Miracle _ Poster.jpeg

Three teenaged boys who cause mischief in their small town during Christmas vacation experience 

life-changing encounters with God. 

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These Three Remain

These_Three_Remain_2 NEW IMDB Poster 2023_pexels-photo-334017.jpg

A distraught young woman inherits

a hope chest filled with nostalgic treasures that dare her to face her fears and find faith and love again.

*optioned; pending preproduction

Dancing in Place


Escalating attraction between new middle-aged neighbors gets complicated when he remembers their fateful young teen romance.   

Falling in October


When a woman crushed by a midlife divorce divinely envisions finding love again, she writes a romantic book to find the man of her dreams.


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