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About Jeanne

Jeanne Dukes began her filmmaking journey in 2013 when a movie/TV producer heard her redemptive true story and urged her to write a screenplay. She is currently writing her 11th faith-based script. In addition, she has produced two short promo films and is set to produce an upcoming feature. Since her first competition in 2015, Jeanne's projects have earned over 200 film festival honors, including more than 90 winning awards. 

Jeanne's screenplays are down-to-earth but heavenly-minded. While aspiring to convey warm, inviting faith, Jeanne writes family-friendly, "four-quadrant" scripts to appeal to males and females both under and over twenty-five. Reviewers and festival judges have compared her witty, intelligent dialogue to a classic Norah Ephron romance and remarked that her character dynamics and writing style are reminiscent of Nicholas Sparks.  

Versatile life experiences have helped to enrich Jeanne's storytelling skills. Primarily, her full-time ministry background has given her unique insights about addressing spiritual needs. Her writings all hinge on encouraging Biblical truths and parabolic lessons. She is also an inspirational author, with expertise in editing, marketing, and commercial copywriting. She has managed political campaigns and served as a California city's First Lady.  

As a songwriter, Jeanne's music has been performed in worship, wedding, and patriotic settings. Her music has been featured in two short films, and she has penned original songs for future movies.

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